Tuesday, August 10, 2004

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Two Women and a Chair
Not Now!
Theatre! Theatre! This is an enjoyable look into the clichés surrounding theatre and in particular the audition; as Sartre taught us, Hell is - other actors. The 4th wall becomes a mirror, and the audience is cast into the role of the voyeur, director, judge. As the characters unravel we are treated to a slow, at times funny, at times desperate, revelation of the stories behind the stereotypes as the clichés turn into real people. The stage becomes a personal place, you partake in the twists and turns and delight in their admissions and insecurities, growing into your role as they go on and you come along. Until the 4th wall is thoroughly shattered. But hey, in the end it's only theatre, isn't it?
C central, 6-30 Aug (not 15), 2:30pm (3:15pm), £7.50 (£6.50), fpp 188
tw rating: 3/5

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